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Room Attendant

Tidy hotel rooms for the next guest by changing linens and towels.

What does a Room Attendant do?

Simply put, a Room Attendant is a Housekeeper at a hotel or motel. In this job, your primary task is to keep rooms clean and sanitized, while maintaining a friendly, professional attitude that is pleasing to the guests of the facility.

When you arrive for work each day, you’re provided with a list of rooms that need to be cleaned. Some rooms have to be completely cleaned and disinfected, while others need only partial cleaning (for example, when the guests are staying another night). As a Room Attendant, your list will likely be longer on weekends and during the holiday vacation season. You’ll learn to wear your most comfortable shoes on those days.

Before entering each room, you knock to avoid surprising and embarrassing the guests (who may not be dressed for company). Wearing gloves to protect your health, you wipe down all surfaces, and change the sheets. You restock items such as soap and shampoo, and make sure there are clean towels in the room. You also check that the radio, phone, and heating/cooling systems are set to standard levels.

You may be responsible for doing the laundry as well. This will likely mean that you’ll spend time dashing between the rooms of guests and the laundry so you can keep up with the mounting piles of linens. Room Attendants also report broken items to the maintenance department and the front desk so repairs can be made.