Roofing Technician

Help build roofs to keep the elements out of houses and buildings.

What does a Roofing Technician do?

As a Roofing Technician, you’re on hand during construction to help and assist the lead Roofers. Your work may not involve as much skill as the Roofers’, but that’s all right. During this point in your career, you’re still learning the trade. But pretty soon, you’ll master all the necessary skills to do the job without any supervision.

Some of the duties you may be responsible for as a Roofing Technician include keeping the work areas clean and free of debris, setting up ladders and safety equipment both for yourself and for the rest of the crew, keeping track of tools, handing them out to whoever needs them, and cleaning and storing equipment when they’re not in use. A Roofing Technician may also be asked to move materials from one location to another, and do some tasks that involve heavy lifting, like unloading equipment from trucks.

Prep work is another big part of your job, whether it’s sweeping up and cleaning the roof, or ripping out old, worn tiles, nails, and boards to ready the area for the Roofer’s new construction. It’s grunt work now, but soon you’ll have enough experience to be given bigger responsibilities.

You’ll be working with a wide variety of equipment, so it’s essential that you know what each piece is for and how to use it properly. In addition, you should really love construction work. This way, you’ll have the determination to see a job through to completion, and appreciate watching your hard labor be translated into a completed rooftop.