Build and repair roofs.

What does a Roofer do?

Roofers are building workers specializing in everything related to roofs, such as erecting and waterproofing roof structures and installing rainwater collection set-ups. Roofers generally work on two types of roofs: those that require slating and tiling using roof tiles, known as sloped roofs, and roofs that are covered by spreading a waterproof bitumen layer or fitting felt sheets, known as flat roofs. You may specialize in other roofing techniques, such as thatching or leadwork, and repairing roofs. You may remove and replace broken tiles by measuring, cutting, and fitting new tiles, and finishing off joints to ensure the roof is structurally strong.

Summer is the season for roof work, and you can expect to work long hours during those months. You need to be physically fit to work outside and to fulfill the physical demands of the job. You don’t need an academic degree to become a roofer, and you may join as an apprentice, learning roofing techniques on the job. If you are good with your hands, are comfortable working at heights, understand building plans, and have some basic math skills, roofing may be your ideal job.