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Roofer Helper

Erect scaffolding, clean tools, setup tarps, and load roof tiles.

What does a Roofer Helper do?

It’s not surprising that your main job as a Roofer Helper is to help Roofers. Roofer Helpers take care of tasks that require a bit less skill, and then provide assistance during the more technical portions of the project.

At the beginning of a roofing project, the Roofer Helper erects scaffolding so the Roofer can get to the top of the building with ease. Roofer Helpers place tarps on the ground to protect delicate plants and landscaping. You also remove old roofing, and sweep the area so it’s clean and ready for a new roof.

Then you prepare the tools for the Roofer, making sure all of them are clean and in good working order. You also see to it that the roofing materials are ready to be installed. You may break tar into smaller pieces and heat it.

While the project is underway, you stay close to the Roofer, ready to help when asked. You give them the tools and roofing materials they need. To do this, you may need to build a pulley system.

When the project is complete, the Roofer Helper cleans the gutters for the building owner. You also clean up the work area, remove the tarps, and put away all the tools. You do all this work cheerfully, hoping to be given more responsibility on the next project. In time, you may be allowed to install roofs yourself, and move up to being a Roofer.