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Roof Fitter

Align, fit, and secure roof onto railroad cars, using tools.

What does a Roof Fitter do?

Aligns, fits, and secures roof onto railroad cars, using handtools and portable power tools: Positions spreading device and chain jack inside car, using hoist. Manipulates controls on spreading device or chain jack to push out or pull in sides of car to specified width. Attaches holding device between sides of car to retain specified width. Erects scaffolding in car to facilitate climbing to roof area, using carpenter’s tools. Climbs scaffolding and brushes sealing compound on top plates of car. Signals crane operator to lower prefabricated roof onto top plates of car. Aligns and fastens roof onto car, using impact wrench. Bends roof flanges over sides of car, using hammer or mallet. Reams holes in roof and top plate of car and inserts drift pins preparatory to riveting. Disassembles and removes spreading device, jack, and scaffolding, using handtools.