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Roof Cement and Paint Maker

Operate machines to combine ingredients to make roof coating and cement.

What does a Roof Cement and Paint Maker do?

Operates one or more mixing machines to combine tar, asbestos fiber, asphalt, or similar ingredients to make roof coating and cement: Starts mixing machine and pump and opens line valve to admit asphalt into mixing machine. Observes indicator or measuring stick and stops asphalt flow when specified amount has entered mixing machine. Dumps specified ingredients through well into mixing tank or starts conveyor and dumps ingredients onto conveyor leading to mixing machine. Reads ammeter to determine consistency of mixture and adds materials as needed, or visually determines when mixture has attained consistency and stops mixing machine. Draws off sample of mixture for laboratory testing. Turns lock bolts to open lines between mixing tank and storage tank, using wrench. Keeps record of batch made, including deviations from written formula.