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Roof Assembler I

Assemble roof sections of modular homes.

What does a Roof Assembler I do?

Assembles roof sections of modular homes, performing any combination of following tasks: Positions and attaches precut plywood sheets onto wood or metal roof frames, using jig, adjustable vise clamps, and powered screwdriver or nail gun. Applies rubber cement or asphalt to plywood surface, using adhesive gun or roller, and lays plastic covering or asphalt felt paper in overlapping pattern to cover roof surface. Cuts roof covering to required length, using knife. Brushes plastic covering to smooth and remove air pockets, using broom. Attaches felt covering to roof, using staple gun. Positions and attaches plasterboard sheets to ceiling side of roof frame to form ceiling, using powered screwdriver. Operates electric hoist to move roof section between work stations. May install insulation between rafters to insulate roof, using stapler. May position and attach shingles to roof, using space gauge and pneumatic staple gun.