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Romance Writer



Create novels full of love, lust, and passion for your dedicated fans.

What does a Romance Writer do?

As a Romance Writer, you compose fictional stories and novels that revolve around the themes of romance, passion, and star-crossed love.

Your topics range from sordid medieval love affairs, to rugged Cowboy rescue scenes, to college sweethearts who are separated only to meet years later on the dance floor of a smoky bar. Romance Writer use their imagination to transport readers to a world where romance can take shape out of even the most unlikely circumstances.

Of course, Romance Writer’s need much more than imagination to get their novels to the bookstore shelves. You draft your stories, outline them, and then spend a long time at a keyboard fleshing out your characters and your scenes. After you’ve slashed up your own writing with a red pen, you submit your story for revisions.

Your Editor will send you back a horde of changes to be made, and it may go back and forth like this for a while before the novel is finalized. You keep yourself organized and adhere to tight submission deadlines, which could mean the difference between getting published and having your work tossed.

Once you’ve established yourself within the genre of romance, you can decide to stick with one character and create a whole series, or explore multiple subgenres of histories and fantasies when crafting your next novel. If your published works are popular enough, you attend book signings and public readings where you can meet your adoring fans. Your stories offer fantasies that allow your readers to escape the humdrum of every day life and immerse themselves in a world of true love.

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