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Rolling Mill Operator

Set up and operate rolling mills to reduce or form nonferrous metal.

What does a Rolling Mill Operator do?

Sets up and operates hot or cold rolling mill to reduce or form nonferrous metal into plate, sheet, foil, flatwire, and rod of specified dimensions: Adjusts rollers, buffs, and guides according to size and dimensions of workpiece, using screwdowns, micrometer, steel tape, and handtools. Turns valves and observes gauges to regulate flow, temperature, and solution of roll lubricants and metal coolants. Starts entry or rolloff tables that feed metal to and from rolls. Threads sheet or rod through rolls for further reduction, or signals ROLLING-MILL-OPERATOR HELPER 613.685-026 to feed separate sheets or rods through rolls. Controls speed of rolling mill and roll tables to synchronize flow of metal with tandem operations, using signals or communications system. Measures width and gauge of rolled metal, using linear tape and depth gauge and adjusts rolls to form metal to specifications. Observes rolling operation to detect curling, splitting, or buckling of metal. May change rolls on rolling machine, using chain or power hoist. May be designated according to type of mill operated as Tandem-Mill Operator; or condition of metal rolled as Cold-Mill Operator; Hot-Mill Operator.