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Roller Varnisher

Operate machines to coat unengraved copper rollers.

What does a Roller Varnisher do?

Operates machine to coat unengraved copper rollers or to top engraved copper rollers with acid-resistant varnish preparatory to inscribing design: Mounts roller on mandrel of machine, using electric hoist, and starts machine to rotate roller. Cleans roller, using rag or brush, detergents, and water. Dries roller, using paper towel or leather squeegee. Varnishes roller, using either of following methods: Holds rubber varnishing roller against rotating copper roller and pours varnish between rollers. Guides varnishing roller back and forth over length of copper roller to distribute varnish evenly over surface of roller. Inserts steam pipe through varnished roller and circulates steam through roller to smooth out pinholes and harden varnish. Holds rubber topping roller against rotating steel roller and pours varnish between rollers. Moves topping roller back and forth over dummy roller to work varnish into topping roller. Transfers topping roller to engraved roller as varnish becomes tacky and guides topping roller back and forth over engraved roller to top roller with varnish, leaving engravings exposed. Tops varnish coating with acid-resistant ink. Examines engravings on topped roller to detect ink smears or cavities filled with ink. Cleans and retops defective roller. Trucks varnished or topped rollers to storage area.