Roller Repairer

Examine cloth-printing rollers for processing defects and repair defects.

What does a Roller Repairer do?

Examines engraved cloth-printing rollers for processing defects and repairs defects, using handtools: Lifts roller into brackets on table or turning device with aid of another worker and portable hoist. Examines rollers for defects, such as pinholes and scratches. Compares customer’s design and printed proof to detect missed engravings, extra engravings, and uneven joining of design on circumference of roller, and examines roller to verify defects. Dusts engraved design with chalk and examines roller to determine whether engraving is too full or too dense to print desired effects on cloth. Plugs pinholes, extra engravings, and over-engraved areas with copper wire plugs, and forces plugs in place, using ball peen hammer and punch. Smooths rough spots, using file and removes scratches from roller surface, using burnishing tool. Traces outline of missed engraving on wax paper and transfers outline to roller, using scriber. Engraves additional lines or designs on roller surface freehand or following outline to fill in gaps in design or missing engravings, using gravers and magnifying lens. Rejects unrepairable rollers. Cleans and polishes rollers, using water, polishing paste, and cloth. May inspect rollers only and be designated Roller Inspector.