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Roller Maker

Tend machines that apply layers of vulcanized rubber onto metal rollers.

What does a Roller Maker do?

Tends machine that applies layers of vulcanized rubber onto metal rollers to fabricate or recondition rubber rollers used in industrial machines: Reviews work order to identify type of roller to be covered and type, color, and thickness of vulcanized rubber to be applied onto metal roller. Measures metal roller, using tape measure, to verify dimensions with work order. Transports and mounts roller between holding devices of roller building machine, by hand or using overhead crane, working as team member. Carries, mounts, and loads roll of vulcanized rubber stock onto feed mechanism of machine. Depresses floor pedals to start feed mechanism and to start building machine that applies layers of vulcanized rubber around metal roller. Observes application of rubber around roller to detect air bubbles. Releases floor pedals to stop application of rubber, punctures air bubbles using knife, and applies pieces of rubber to airholes to seal holes. Measures thickness of rubber application, using calipers. Cuts rubber between roller and feed mechanism, using hot knife, and seals seam to roller, using stitching wheel. Trims rubber that laps over edges of roller, using knife.