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Roll Tube Setter

Install and adjust rolls on sizing, forming, and welding mill.

What does a Roll Tube Setter do?

Installs and adjusts rolls on sizing, forming, and welding mill to produce pipe or tube of specified outside diameter, following job specifications and using handtools: Reads mill schedule to determine size of product to be produced. Selects rolls and installs rolls on mill, using handtools. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to remove previous sizing mill from rolling line and position replacement mill on line. Sets and adjusts bolts to position rolls on mill, using wrenches and bars. Sets controls to regulate speed of mill. Measures outside diameter of product to determine conformance to specifications, using calipers. Adjusts rolls on mill to obtain product of specified dimensions, using handtools. Disassembles sizing mills removed from rolling line and stores parts.