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Roll Slicing Machine Tender

Tend battery of machines that slice sections from rolls of carbon paper.

What does a Roll Slicing Machine Tender do?

Tends battery of machines that slice cross sections from rolls of carbon paper or inked plastic sheeting to make narrower rolls: Places roll on arbor of machine and secures paper wrapping around roll with adhesive strip to prevent its unrolling while being sliced. Starts machine, allowing rolls to be rotated against circular knife that slices off narrower rolls. Stops machine and slides sliced rolls from arbor. Examines sides of rolls for ragged or furry edges that show dulling of knife. Places sliced rolls on workbench, places wooden block on top, and pounds with mallet to flatten. Positions flattened roll in fixture of air press, sets plastic spool on center, and pushes buttons causing ram to descend and press spool into roll.