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Roll-Off Driver

Ferry industrial-sized loads of waste metal out of job sites.

What does a Roll-Off Driver do?

A roll-off is a large, metal waste container. Roofing companies, construction firms, and road crews often fill these containers with items that need to be recycled or thrown away. A Roll-Off Driver delivers the roll-off containers when they’re empty, and takes them for disposal when they’re full.

As a Roll-Off Driver, you have a fancy truck to drive each day. The containers are designed to fit on the back of your truck. When you want the containers to slide off, you elevate the back of your truck using a hydraulic lift.

A Roll-Off Driver must ensure that this sliding happens gradually so that the road isn’t damaged and the roll-off doesn’t block the road. When the container is full, Roll-Off Driver’s use a cable-and-winch system to drag it back onto the truck in order to haul it to the landfill.

This is an extremely physical position. While your truck does much of the heavy lifting for you (and for this, you’ll likely grow to love it with a fierce intensity), you’ll be required to bend, stretch, and stand as part of your job. You may have to make adjustments to the placement of the roll-off using a combination of the truck and your own body.

Each time you deliver a roll-off, or empty one at the landfill or scrap heap, you also fill out paperwork. You may be required to help residential clients get permits to have roll-off containers in the street. If those clients got their permits themselves, you may be required to inspect the permits before you unload.