Roll Finisher

Tend machines to wrap and seal rolls of paper for shipment.

What does a Roll Finisher do?

Tends machines to wrap and seal rolls of paper for shipment: Places paper roll and wrapping roll on steel rollers opposite each other, using hoist. Glues end of wrapping roll on paper roll, moves lever to wind wrapping paper around paper roll, and cuts and glues wrapping paper at end of wrap, using knife and brush. Crimps wrapping paper over ends of paper roll and glues paper heads and caps over ends to seal. Pushes wrapped-paper roll between electrically heated pressure plates of capping machine and pulls lever to move plates against ends to seal heads. May insert wooden plug in ends to maintain contour of wrapped roll. May stencil shipping information on wrapped roll and attach labels. May roll or truck wrapped roll to weighing scale. May wrap and seal pony rolls of paper and be designated Pony-Roll Finisher.