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Rodeo Performer

Entertain cheering crowds as a bull rider, bronco-buster or barrel racer.

What does a Rodeo Performer do?

Even to this day, some people, mainly country folk, still enjoy a good old-fashioned spectacle in the form of a rodeo. As a Rodeo Performer, you’re an Athlete who participates in competitions such as bronco riding, bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing, and steer wrestling. You’re a Cowboy or Cowgirl at heart, but you’re also an entertainer attempting to earn prize money for your skills.

This sport arose out of the Wild West and the livestock industry, so Rodeo Performers are faced with the unpredictable situation of working with animals. As a Bronco Rider, you attempt to stay on the steed for at least eight seconds. Equally as strenuous is your performance as a Bull Rider. Trying to stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds requires great strength and endurance.

Using just your body, you might bring a steer to a complete stop by grabbing its horns. You might also show off your ability to ride a horse with barrel racing, or weaving in and out of barrels at top speed without knocking them down. Obviously, this is a career that requires courage, because injuries and accidents are frequently occurring.

As a Rodeo Performer, you are your own boss. You decide which competitions to enter and which events to compete in. Rodeos occur all over the country, so you spend a lot of time traveling to various states and counties to compete. Your autonomy also means you’re responsible for your own riding equipment and horse, which are the initial investments to get started.