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Rock Climbing Instructor

Teach students how to climb rock walls.

What does a Rock Climbing Instructor do?

For some, the idea of clinging to a rock with nothing more than a strong grip and rope for safety is certifiable. For others, though, it’s the perfect way to spend some free time. If you fall into the second group, then consider spreading your love of rock climbing by becoming a Rock Climbing Instructor.

Like a Coach, your job is to instruct and encourage your students to do their best in their sport. In the case of rock climbing, your sport is all about high perches, specific rope knots, and safe rappelling. You teach your students how to get through what are known as “routes” or “problems,” essentially rock climbing lingo for getting down off a rock safely.

You can work with all skill levels and ages, and most places that hire Rock Climbing Instructors require that you have a whole range of abilities. This means in the morning, you might hold a beginners class and teach the basics, and then finish up your day working with Rock Climbers who are nationally ranked.

While you work, you tailor your lessons to each Climber, giving specific instructions based on their individual needs and weaknesses. For the more advanced student, you might assign something close to homework, giving them a particular skill or strength that you want them to cultivate before the next lesson.

Just like the skill level of your students, where you work can really vary. Rock Climbing Instructors get hired to work seasonally as Summer Camp Counselors, indoors at climbing gyms, and year round at outdoor climbing schools.