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Rock Climber

Teach new climbers about hand-holds and the dangers of loose rocks.

What does a Rock Climber do?

A Rock Climber scales mountainsides using little more than a harness and rope. To most, climbing is a hobby, but if it’s something you’re really passionate about, there are many ways you can find someone to pay you to do what you love.

As a Rock Climbing Instructor, you can teach kids and beginning climbers on indoor rock walls, as well as lead expeditions and adventure camps through craggy peaks. One of your most important duties as a Rock Climber is to make sure everyone keeps safe. Rock climbing hopefuls put their lives on your belay line as you help them conquer their first summit (even if that summit only goes up to the ceiling).

Usually, if someone is having trouble climbing, they’re facing more of a mental block than a physical inability. If you have a teary student on the line, you know when they can stand to be pushed and coached up the mountain, and when they just need to be let down.

Competitive rock climbing focuses more on your skill as an Athlete. To place high in the competitions, a Rock Climber needs to move and think fast. A rocky wall is like a puzzle waiting to be put together, and you can’t move forward until you know where you’re going to put your hands and feet next.

The better your physical condition, the easier it is to train, and constant training is what takes you to the top. You spend so much of your time on a wall that walking on the ground may start to seem strange to you after a while.

Either way, you climb each day you come to work. And that’s probably the best work environment if spending your time perched on the peak of a majestic mountain is more to your liking than a nine-to-five in a cubicle.