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Robotics Technician



Help test and repair robots at all stages of the design process.

What does a Robotics Technician do?

Just a few decades ago, robots were the stuff of science fiction. Today, they’re walking on the moon, repairing equipment, responding to human commands, and cleaning the floors while we humans are at work. With such impressive developments in the field of robotics, imagine what robots will be capable of 30 years from now.

As a Robotics Technician, you work with a team of robotics professionals. You assist Mechanical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, and Robotics Engineers in designing, manufacturing, testing, and repairing robots. Because you work on the robot from the design stage through completion, you understand its every component. That makes you, the Robotics Technician, the go-to person when the robot is sent to work. The Robotics Technician acts as a liaison between the development team and the customer. You perform the installation of the robot, and provide training on its functions. You’re also in charge of maintenance and repairs.

One typical area of employment is the government–the defense department to be specific. This is where you create robots that defuse bombs, go into dangerous areas with surveillance equipment to gather information for troops, or collect and dispose of landmines. The medical field is another industry that uses robots every day. In this field, robots assist in operations and other procedures. Manufacturing companies are becoming increasingly reliant on robots to install parts on the production line as well.

The opportunities in this field are limitless, but you will need a few skills to set you on the right path. Science, math, and computer knowledge are a must, but you should also have a passion for problem-solving.

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