Robotics Systems Engineer

Oversee the development and creation of robot systems.

What does a Robotics Systems Engineer do?

With a title like “Robotics Systems Engineer,” you know that the job makes good use of science and math, but what do Robotics Systems Engineers actually do? Well, they love robotics. They have the organizational and oversight skills to be the Project Managers. And, they’re Engineers.

So, in short, Robotics Systems Engineers are involved in every step of a robotic project, from the initial design through product evaluations.

Imagine a vacuum gently bumping into walls and moving around the house to do the dirty work while the owner is out (or feet up watching television). Now imagine the steps involved in creating such a machine. If your mind is alight with possibilities and ideas, then this is the job for you, because that’s exactly how you should feel about your projects.

Although there are Mechanical Engineers who specialize in the moving parts, Electrical Engineers who are in charge of the wiring, and Computer Engineers who install the software that makes it go, you oversee all those aspects and more. You’re not exactly a Project Manager, but you do contribute to identifying the customer’s needs (who knew we needed an automatic vacuum?), pinpointing the target audience, balancing risk and reward, testing prototypes, coordinating building and design efforts, assessing product performance, and reevaluating once the project is complete.

If that doesn’t keep you busy, you also monitor budgets, timelines, and production.