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Robotics Engineer

Design and test some of the world's coolest technology: robots.

What does a Robotics Engineer do?

Robots are quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Maybe not the walking, talking Nanny and Maid robot that you see in the movies, but the kind that goes to the moon, climbs walls, takes pictures, responds to commands, and helps the military defend our country. As a Robotics Engineer, you have the opportunity to further advance this field of study, and maybe one day, invent the robot that will cook dinner and clean the bathroom.

Because this field is experiencing so much growth, Robotics Engineers have an array of employment options. The military and government hire Robotics Engineers to design, test, and repair robots. But they’re actually more than just robots. They are Soldiers. They’re sent into risky situations–such as a building that may contain a bomb, or a field of land mines–in lieu of human Soldiers. Not only does this practice save human lives, but the robots are also programmed to defuse the bomb and eliminate the land mine.

Outside of the defense arena, Robotics Engineers might design a vertical-climbing robot that can climb under bridges, snapping photos with a mounted camera. This technique provides inspection data while reducing risks to Bridge Inspectors. Or, you could work for NASA, creating robots that walk on the moon and make repairs to the outside of spaceships. You could create toys for kids, robots that perform tasks around the house (think Roomba), or robotic equipment used in the operating room or on a production line. The possibilities are endless!