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Roadway Inspector

Make sure roads are constructed according to strict standards.

What does a Roadway Inspector do?

Roadway Inspectors are the eagle-eyed individuals who track road creation from the initial landscaping to the laying of the finishing asphalt. The job is not just about ensuring that Contractors don’t skimp on their duties, but it’s also about increasing Drivers ‘ safety.

Throughout each stage of the road construction process, you check that everything complies with safety regulations before moving to the next phase. Before the asphalt can be put down, the land must be prepared to provide a firm foundation. If this foundation is faulty, it could cause the road to shift right out from under unsuspecting Drivers.

After each layer of concrete or asphalt dries, you inspect for any imperfections. If you find them, the section is chipped away and repaved. It may seem like a hassle, but it’s a small price to pay to prevent a car crash.

It may sound like you’re spying on the Construction Workers, but every worker knows that safety inspections come with the territory. Since you’re in charge of seeing they get a fair paycheck, they’re not complaining. Pay depends on materials used, time spent, and the total road distance. Your running tallies of each factor put the correct number of zeros on each paycheck.

Often, Roadway Inspectors specialize in one area. Perhaps you prefer asphalt inspections, or maybe checking for proper drainage is more your style. Every road has different obstacles to overcome, and Roadway Inspectors are assigned based on that particular highway’s needs. Under your supervision, every tax dollar spent on road construction is put to good use.