Road Mixer Operator

Operate machines that mix waterproofing and binding material with soil.

What does a Road Mixer Operator do?

Drives and operates machine that mixes waterproofing and binding material with soil to stabilize soil for road surfaces and airport runways: Pushes levers and turns wheels to set depth of scoop and rotary blades that pick up and pulverize soil. Starts engine to propel machine and power-rotary digging and mixing blades. Starts pump and adjusts valve to feed waterproofing compounds and binding materials, such as cement, chemicals, and bituminous binders into mixing mechanism. Steers machine in prescribed path. Inspects earth falling from machine and adjusts valves to regulate flow of liquid, judging content of mixture by appearance of poured soil. May be designated according to type of equipment operated as Pulvi-Mixer Operator; Single-Pass-Soil-Stabilizer Operator.