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Road Freight Brake Coupler

Perform duties, working as a member of the train crew.

What does a Road Freight Brake Coupler do?

Performs any combination of following duties, working as member of train crew: Inspects couplings and airhoses to ensure that they are securely fastened. Inspects journal boxes to ensure that they are lubricated. Inspects handbrakes on cars to ensure that they are released before run begins. Walks on top of cars and peers down between them to inspect couplings, airhoses, and journal boxes. Sets warning signals, such as flares, flags, lanterns, or torpedoes in front of and at rear of train during emergency stops to warn oncoming trains. Climbs ladder to top of car and turns brakewheel to set car brakes or rides atop car to control its speed when it is shunted. Pulls or pushes track switch to reroute cars during breakup at way stations. Signals LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER to start or stop train when coupling or uncoupling cars. Rides in cab of engine or cupola of caboose to observe signals from other crewmembers. Makes minor repairs to couplings, airhoses, and journal boxes. Reports to CONDUCTOR, ROAD FREIGHT any equipment requiring major repairs.