Road Crew Supervisor

Lead a team of Road Repair Workers to keep streets smooth.

What does a Road Crew Supervisor do?

The packed dirt beneath a paved roadway may seem solid, but it’s actually constantly moving. Water displaces tiny particles, earthquakes make the layers shake and shimmy, and heavy trucks that rumble overhead tend to compress and displace the dirt.

A Road Crew Supervisor’s job is to work against these forces, keeping the road exactly where it should be at all times. As the title implies, a Road Crew Supervisor has a team of workers to help fight this battle. As the Road Crew Supervisor, you’re in charge of the planning and execution of all of the work that the team does.

The winter months are particularly grueling, as you must keep the roads clear of snow, ice, and debris. This scraping and scratching can also damage the surface of the road.

Each day, you drive around your work area and look for spots that need attention. Snow and ice removal is easily accomplished, and you ask Road Crew Members to use sanders and plows to clear the roads. When they’re done, you drive through the areas and make sure everything looks tidy.

The City Supervisor may ask you to tackle paving and repair projects in the summer months. You determine what materials you’ll need, order those items, and supervise your team as they apply them to the roads.

Major problems, such as crumbling bridges, may be more than your crew can handle. When these problems occur, you ask Contractors to bid on the work. Then, you choose one firm to make the repair, and you make sure they do the work properly.