Right-of-Way Supervisor

Direct activities to acquire permits, easements, and right-of-way.

What does a Right-of-Way Supervisor do?

Coordinates activities of field agents and contacts property owners and public officials to obtain permits and easements or to purchase right-of-way for utility lines, pipelines, and other construction projects: Directs activities involved in search of city and county records to ascertain ownership of properties, and disposition of rights along streets, alleys, and highways. Interprets company policy for RIGHT-OF-WAY AGENTS regarding purchase of property, or payments and terms of agreements for permits and easements to install facilities on property belonging to other parties. Purchases or directs acquisition of right-of-way or obtaining permits, licenses, and agreements. Settles claims for property or crop damage resulting from construction activities. Releases information to public regarding right-of-way agreements and arranges for modification or release of existing agreements. May direct activities of surveying crews in surveying right-of-way and lines for new construction.