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Rigger Supervisor

Make sure rigging teams are both safe and productive.

What does a Rigger Supervisor do?

A Rigger Supervisor oversees the daily operations of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers associated with heavy equipment. In charge of a staff of Riggers, the Rigger Supervisor monitors employees’ work performance and ensures that the job is done well.

As a Rigger Supervisor, you manage your staff as they operate machines used to move heavy objects, such as steel plates, drilling towers, platforms, and other heavy construction equipment. Working with Construction Foremen, Safety Inspectors, and Project Engineers, you make sure tasks are completed in a safe manner. Your background in construction, mathematics, and human resources provides the perfect backdrop for your success as a Rigger Supervisor.

For example, your crew is building and installing a new radio tower. After reviewing the plans provided by the Architect or Project Engineer, you guide your team on how to best approach the project. When disputes erupt amongst your team members, the responsibility of dissolving the situation and redirecting the focus falls to you. When your workers need guidance on the best way to attach hooks, chains, and cables to lift the radio antenna for installation, they rely on you.

Critical thinking and decision-making skills are essential to your success as a Rigger Supervisor. Using your excellent leadership skills as well, you quickly assess a situation and determine the right approach or solution. Attention to detail is also important, as you’re responsible for making sure your entire crew follows safety regulations at all times. Whether that means reminding them to wear a hardhat, examining tools and equipment for proper function, or making corrections on an already-installed antenna, you’re responsible for everyone’s safety.