Rig Integrity Engineer

Make sure oil rigs are strong and safe.

What does a Rig Integrity Engineer do?

When a Drill Operator piles on layers of rain gear and protective clothing, he expects the rig to hold up to the abuse he’s about to unleash. After all, it takes a sturdy platform and a powerful drill to siphon the oil reserves from beneath layers of earth or hundreds of feet of ocean. But no worries, the Rig Integrity Engineer is on the job to make sure the rig is safe and efficient.

As a Rig Integrity Engineer, you work with Rig Integrity Managers and Contractors to develop, implement, and maintain the integrity of the rig. This is important work because if a rig breaks down 80 miles off shore, there’s no easy way to fix it. So you work with the overarching goal of making sure that doesn’t happen.

Your duties as a Rig Integrity Engineer involve not only making sure the rig is reliable, but also hammering out a plan for safety equipment. In addition, you create a schedule for rig maintenance, and ensure that the expected processes are clearly recorded. These criteria are used by Rig Managers and Oil Rig Mechanics to ensure that the rig is in tip-top shape. Along with a maintenance schedule, you design an inspection timetable as well as procedures for mechanical and electrical systems.

Like other Engineer jobs, this job requires good decision-making and communication skills. Your analytical and computer skills will come in handy, too.