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Ride Operator

Supervise, monitor, and attend to people at park rides.

What does a Ride Operator do?

Ride operators help ensure the safety of the public who pay a fee to ride rides at entertainment parks. You assist them with the mechanical operations of park rides by asking riders to fasten belts, bars, or other safety devices. Ride operators are in charge of the controls to start and stop ride machines, such as roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and ferris wheels. You help passengers board rides, explain safety procedures, educate them about evacuation routes, operate equipment that starts and shuts down ride, and describe the actions of the ride.

Ride operators turn power supplies on to allow the operation of the rides and turn the power off after the allotted time. You may enjoy driving vehicles, such as trains that guests ride, by guiding and controlling their speed.

Ride operators collect tickets or money for rides, ensure and restrict the maximum number of people on rides, ensure children are eligible for rides based on age and height, and latch passengers in securely.

No educational requirements are necessary for this position. However, interacting with people is part of your job, so good communication skills are required.