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Rice Cleaning Machine Tender

Tend battery of machines that clean rough grain preparatory to milling.

What does a Rice Cleaning Machine Tender do?

Tends battery of machines that clean rough grain preparatory to milling, and mill, brush, grade, and polish grain: Starts machines, such as shelling stones, grain hullers, paddy separators, grain brush, grain cleaning machine, and grain polisher. Turns wheels to adjust feeder equipment of machines. Turns valves to regulate flow of compressed air into machines to blow chaff and dust from grain. Examines grain during processing to ensure that production and quality standards are met. Adjusts machines. Opens gates on feed pipes to route grain to designated milling machines. Performs maintenance duties, such as scraping sieves in machine with stick to remove dirt, straw, or other foreign material, lubricating equipment, and tightening belts, bolts, and nuts, using mechanics handtools. Gauges height of grain in storage tank, using tape measure. Converts measurement to number of bushels in bin, using conversion chart.