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Ribbon Hanking Machine Operator

Tend machines that wind specified lengths of paper ribbon into hanks.

What does a Ribbon Hanking Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that winds specified lengths of paper ribbon into hanks: Threads ribbon through guides of worktable and hanking machine, fastening end in jaws of machine holder. Starts machine that winds specified yardage over spindle arms to form hank and examines ribbon for missing threads, tears, defective design, or other imperfections. Stops machine and folds seal on creased lines around center of hank to hold ribbon together and prevent unwinding. Removes ribbon from holder, positions it under blade, and releases handle to cut ribbon and hold other end for hanking. Slides hank from spindle arms, packs it in cardboard cartons in specified manner, and inserts identification slip. Adjusts cutting blade and guides to accommodate different widths of ribbon.