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Rheumatology Nurse

Counsel and educate patients with rheumatoid diseases.

What does a Rheumatology Nurse do?

Beyond diagnosis, patients suffering from rheumatoid diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis need education and pain management counseling. Medication isn’t enough. Rheumatology Nurses work to not only improve a patient’s physical condition, but boost their emotional and mental well-being as well. As a Rheumatology Nurse, you strive to put your patients back in the Driver ‘s seat of their own lives by offering alternatives for coping with pain and up-to-date information on their conditions.

Rheumatology Nurses work in various hospitals and clinics with focuses ranging from patient assessment to counseling. A crucial element to any treatment plan is monitoring patient drug usage. Pain medication is often needed for effective treatment, but without controlling the dosage and reviewing patient risk factors, you could see patients develop a prescription drug addiction.

Working with a Doctor to diagnose the patient and form a treatment plan is only the first step. To help patients cope with the pain of their illnesses, you create management plans. Pain management options range from exercise to meditation. You value your patients’ personal values and beliefs, and take these into account when choosing treatment options.

Finally, you find available resources like Counselors to help patients deal with the emotional and mental stress of illness. Educational resources play a role as well. Knowing what disease they have and what to expect in treatment adds an element of control back into your patients’ lives. Whether you’re drawing blood or handing out informational pamphlets, your actions decrease the suffering of others.