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Revenue Officer

Investigate delinquent federal taxes and secure delinquent tax returns.

What does a Revenue Officer do?

Investigates and collects delinquent federal taxes and secures delinquent tax returns from individuals or business firms according to prescribed laws and regulations: Investigates delinquent tax cases referred by agency investigators, as well as leads found in newspapers, trade journals, and public stockbroker records. Confers with individuals or business representatives by telephone, correspondence, or in person to determine amount of delinquent taxes and enforce collection. Examines and analyzes tax assets and liabilities to determine solution for resolving tax problem. Selects appropriate remedy for delinquent taxes when necessary, such as part-payment agreements, offers of compromise, or seizure and sale of property. Directs service of legal documents, such as subpoenas, warrants, notices of assessment, and garnishments. Recommends criminal prosecutions and civil penalties when necessary. Writes reports of determinations and actions taken for departmental files..