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Returned Item Clerk

Return unpaid checks to adjust and balance accounts.

What does a Returned Item Clerk do?

Returns unpaid checks from correspondent banks, branches, or individual customers to adjust and balance accounts: Sorts returned checks into debit and credit groups. Types debit and credit forms listing amount, date, name of maker, name of bank, and reason for return, in order to adjust accounts and inform customers of nonpayment, using typewriter or computer. Totals and balances checks received, using adding machine or calculator, and submits checks and recapitulation sheet to department head. Visually examines checks to determine which checks to process, setting aside checks with no account, no signature on file, or forgeries for review by law enforcement official. Exchanges checks received by mistake with representatives of other banks. Photographs items returned to customers and other banks [PHOTOGRAPHIC-MACHINE OPERATOR 207.685-018]. Files copies of forms.