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Retort Operator

Control retort chambers to cook canned foods according to specifications.

What does a Retort Operator do?

Controls retort chamber to cook canned foods according to specifications: Pushes trucks or lowers baskets using hoist, or presses buttons to start conveyorized flow of canned foods into chamber of retort. Closes retort door or lid, and turns wheels or moves levers to seal chamber. Observes dials and thermometers, and turns valves to admit steam to retort, and control temperature, pressure, and cooking time. Turns valves to release steam and admit cooling water into chamber to prevent overcooking at end of cooking cycle. May open retort and move basket of canned food to cooling trough, using hoist. May record items such as retort number, can size and grade designation, cooking time, and number of pounds pressure on canning report.