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Retail Stock Clerk

Organize and price products at a retail store.

What does a Retail Stock Clerk do?

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is the motto of Retail Stock Clerks around the world. As a Retail Stock Clerk, you’re the unseen force that keeps shelves stocked, items organized, and price tags accurate. No stray socks will wind up in the sweater section and no polka dot underwear will go out of stock while a Retail Stock Clerk is on duty.

Similar to a Sales Clerk or a Cashier in a department store, you care about keeping customers happy. Answering questions and flashing your best (though not cheesiest) smile at customers makes their shopping trips happier. When customers are happy, management’s happy, and when management’s happy, so are you.

Since products play the starring role in your job, you spend most of your time scurrying between the store and the stockroom. In between filling shelves, you return stray items to their rightful homes and straighten up displays knocked over by rowdy kids.

Stocking is followed by pricing, and another two hours goes to printing new price tags for signs. While you’re distributing those signs, you find customers looking for your help. Now’s your chance to leave a positive impression by recommending items or directing hurried customers to the nearest restroom.

In this position, you’re the heartbeat of the retail industry. Without your efforts to circulate products from the stockroom out onto the floor and into the arms of eager customers, business would soon go from booming to bust.