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Resume Writer

Craft attention-getting resumes for clients.

What does a Resume Writer do?

A Resume Writer is hired to highlight the skills of another person. Job seekers look to professional Resume Writers when they doubt their own skills or need a hand. Sometimes, it’s a lack of time; other times, it’s a lack of knowledge. Regardless of the reason, the Resume Writer is there to talk up the person’s good qualities.

The challenge of finding the right words can be tricky, especially if the client’s experience is insufficient. Your job is to find ways to draw attention to their skills while remaining truthful.

For example, a client is applying for a position as a Bank Teller. While he has never worked in this capacity, he has experience in a retail setting. Your job is to take the experience in retail and relate that to a Bank Teller position.

Focusing on his money-handling abilities, customer service skills, problem resolution know-how, and positive attitude does just that. You flipped his past experience into experience that would qualify him for a Teller position, all while sticking to the truth.

In this job, you get to put your wordsmith skills to work and help others find employment. It’s a win-win situation that you can write home about.