Open and operate a restaurant business.

What does a Restaurateur do?

A Restaurateur (a French-ish word for Restaurant Owner) is someone who has opened, and now own, a restaurant. Or maybe even several of them. And if they’re good at running them, they just might have a prolific business on their hands.

After all, human beings need just three things to survive: food, shelter, and water. It seems reasonable, therefore, that one of the smartest – although by no means easiest – business decisions you can make is to open a restaurant, which offers all three!

When you’re a Restaurateur, you might have a culinary background – some Restaurateurs are professionally trained Chefs, although many aren’t – but you’re a businessperson more than anything else. That means you’re responsible for funding and managing the restaurant’s operations, of which food is only one piece.

Because studies have shown that more than half of new restaurants fail within their first year, you’ve got an enormous yet extremely delicious task ahead of you. Whether you own a casual diner or a five-star bistro, that task typically encompasses human resources, marketing, finance, food, and service.

Human resources involves hiring, firing, training, and supervising staff, including Chefs, Servers, Hosts, Bartenders, and Dishwashers. Marketing, on the other hand, involves promoting the restaurant via paid advertisements, public relations efforts, and customer loyalty programs. Finance, meanwhile, involves setting prices, creating budgets, balancing the books, making bank deposits, signing checks, and managing costs.

Food involves menu creation, inventory control, and food safety and storage. Finally, service involves dealing with customers and managing the dining room.

Basically, you’re the CEO of your restaurant, which means your job is to make sure the food is good, the service is superb and – most important of all – the profit margin is high!