Restaurant Sustainability Consultant

Show restaurants how to go green.

What does a Restaurant Sustainability Consultant do?

Restaurant Sustainability Consultants help Restaurant Owners realize the benefits of running a sustainable restaurant, which include environmental benefits such as fewer carbon emissions, economic benefits such as lower energy bills, and social benefits such as improved guest health. A sustainable restaurant, or “green” restaurant, is a restaurant that operates in a way that’s designed to minimize or mitigate its impact on the planet.

Although a lot of foods on restaurant menus are green in color — spinach, for instance, broccoli and asparagus, just to name a few — there’s only one way to make sure the food you order is green in practice, too: Eat it in a sustainable restaurant.

Because a truly sustainable restaurant doesn’t just sell sustainable food — it also purchases its ingredients from sustainable vendors, prepares its food in a sustainable kitchen, and serves its dishes under a sustainable roof — a Restaurant Sustainability Consultant assists with everything from facilities to operations to food preparation.

Just a few of the things you might do when you’re a Restaurant Sustainability Consultant, for example, are teaching clients how to find and buy from sustainable food vendors, helping them source locally grown ingredients, and assisting them in the development of organic menus. You also build or renovate their restaurant to LEED standards, plant a green roof where they can grow their own vegetables, and train their Chefs to minimize food waste. In addition, you show them how to reduce their carbon footprint with energy- and water-efficient practices, and help them achieve various green restaurant certifications.

A big part of your job as a Restaurant Sustainability Consultant is also benchmarking: You help clients measure their environmental impact, set measurable goals for reducing it, then establish a system for monitoring their progress. The result: a restaurant where the food not only tastes good but also does good!