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Respiratory Therapy Aide

Look after respiratory therapy equipment.

What does a Respiratory Therapy Aide do?

Not to be confused with a Respiratory Therapy Assistant, a Respiratory Therapy Aide spends his time maintaining and monitoring respiratory therapy equipment instead of working directly with patients. Respiratory Therapy Aides act as hands-on Secretaries and Repairmen, keeping records updated and the inventory itself clean and properly functioning.

Respiratory therapy treats problems with the heart, the lungs, and breathing in general. Working as a Respiratory Therapy Aide offers a glimpse into this medical field, and can serve as a stepping stone to a Respiratory Therapy Assistant or Respiratory Therapist career.

Therapists need well-maintained equipment to treat patients safely, and that’s what you provide. During your work shift, you make your rounds through the clinic or hospital, checking, cleaning, and storing equipment. You put away machines and sterilize mouthpieces. You also inspect hoses for leaks or cuts, and wrap them up so no one trips on them.

While you don’t treat the patients themselves, you’re still one of the key staff members who ensure that visits go smoothly. Thanks to your efforts, patients will soon breathe easy once again.