Resort Manager

Keep a resort running like clockwork.

What does a Resort Manager do?

Thanks to their signature beaches, pools, restaurants, golf courses, and spas, resorts are typically where people go to relax. To a Resort Manager, however, a resort is a place for work. That’s because the Resort Manager is the head honcho at a resort – a vacation destination that includes not only a hotel but also on-premise facilities for food, drink, entertainment, sports, and shopping.

As a Resort Manager, you’re in charge of all your property’s people, premises, processes, and products. After all, a resort isn’t just a getaway; it’s also a business. And it’s your job to run it.

With that in mind, you oversee each and every department at your resort. You supervise, for instance, sales, which involves securing business in the areas of lodging, meetings, and events. You also manage finance, which encompasses budgeting and pricing. In addition, you direct operations, including reservations, housekeeping, catering, and maintenance.

On top of that, you’re in charge of marketing, human resources, and customer service. Marketing involves advertising and promotions. Human resources, meanwhile, requires hiring, supervising, and firing employees. Finally, customer service is all about exceeding guests’ expectations and addressing guests’ complaints.

Although you’re not necessarily its owner, you nonetheless function as the resort’s acting CEO. That means you spend your days leading, developing, delegating, and deciding. It also means you spend time on your feet, personally inspecting, assessing, and addressing problems at the resort when they arise, whether it’s a broken burner in the kitchen, an angry guest at the front desk, a rogue housekeeping employee, or a safety hazard at the swimming pool.

A resort is like a clock with many moving parts; you’re like a Watchmaker, therefore, making sure everything works properly – and also profitably!