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Resolution Analyst

Determine where problems lie in business operations, and offer solutions.

What does a Resolution Analyst do?

In a perfect world, people would pay on time, and paperwork would be completed and filed correctly. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and problems often occur in business. A Resolution Analyst identifies where problems originate, and works to solve them quickly.

Your job as a Resolution Analyst varies depending on the business you work for. You may be employed by banks, hospitals, health care companies, or mortgage companies, just to name a few.

In some positions, your job revolves around money and payments. The Resolution Analyst will look over account statements, spotting clients who have not paid their bills. You resolve this problem by calling the clients and coming up with a payment plan they can afford. You may write letters to them explaining the new payment program, and you process the payments when they come in.

In other positions, your job revolves around paperwork. You look at how applications are filled out, approved, and filed. These may be loan applications, job applications, or any other form of legal document.

If you spot the same mistake over and over, you work with your legal department to make the form easier to read and fill out. You also hold training classes to teach employees how to spot these mistakes themselves.

In this job as a Resolution Analyst, you’re a bit like a one-person SWAT team at work, looking for and eliminating problems. Your ability to quickly analyze a situation and come up with a solution is unsurpassed. You also have superb communication skills that allow you to train people to do things properly. This leads to fewer mistakes, which in turn gives you more time to sip your coffee.