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Resistance Machine Welder Setter

Set up resistance welding and brazing machines that bond metal components.

What does a Resistance Machine Welder Setter do?

Sets up resistance welding and brazing machines that join or bond metal components, such as panels, frames, yokes, tubes, and containers, according to specifications and blueprints: Lays out and marks weld points and position of components on workpiece, using rule, square, templates, and scribe. Selects, positions, aligns, and bolts electrodes, jigs, holding fixtures, guides, and stops onto machine, using measuring instruments and handtools. Turns knobs to set and synchronize electric current, pressure, timing cycle, and automatic feed and transfer equipment specified by welding machine chart or record of previous work. Computes and records setting for new work, applying knowledge of metal properties, principles of welding, and shop mathematics. Makes trial weld. Adjusts electrode gap and feed rollers to thickness of metal. Dresses electrodes, using tip dresser, file, emery cloth, or dressing wheel. Devises and builds fixtures. Gives directions to WELDING-MACHINE OPERATOR, RESISTANCE in operation of machine. May inspect electrical circuits of machine and perform maintenance tasks, such as replacing defective tubes and relays. May set up welding stations on automatic production lines. Important variations include material types, finish required, and types of joints welded.