Residential Monitor

Enforce the rules at a prison or treatment home.

What does a Residential Monitor do?

A Residential Monitor, also known as a Resident Monitor or Community Monitor, works in a prison or treatment home. These sorts of places have strict rules about what the residents can and cannot do, and how the facility should run on a daily basis. As a Residential Monitor, you make sure the rules are followed.

During your workday, you work closely with the residents of the facility. The Residential Monitor searches their rooms to ensure that they don’t have any forbidden items in their possession, and you may also perform drug testing. The Residential Monitor will observe the residents as they go about the day’s activities, and step in when they break the rules.

You keep written reports of every rule violation you find. And on top of all this, you make sure that residents attend their therapy sessions, and that they stay in their beds at night.

You won’t spend all of your time as a sort of hall monitor though. You also train your expert eye on the facility itself, making sure that supplies are kept in stock, meals are delivered on time, and the facility is clean. You may also conduct fire drills to make sure that residents can escape safely in case of emergency.

This can be a challenging position, and you’ll need to ensure that you maintain the dignity of the residents while you’re doing your job. A tone that is firm but kind is appropriate. You’ll leave work each day knowing you did your part to help a troubled population heal.