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Resident Care Director

Create a loving home for patients and an efficient workplace for employees.

What does a Resident Care Director do?

When you’re a Resident Care Director, you’re the top dog at a resident care facility. The Resident Care Director oversees everything that goes on at the facility and everyone who works or lives there.

Resident care facilities are usually outpatient centers for people recovering from major illnesses or injuries, or communities where the elderly live. But they can also be homes for those with disabilities or those fighting addictions.

As a Resident Care Director, you spend a lot of time handling paperwork and administrative duties. You oversee the hiring, firing, and training of any employees, supervise all Managers, and, in general, make sure that good, compassionate care is being given to all patients. When a problem or issue arises between two employees or between an employee and a client, you enforce disciplinary action and solve the dispute.

You also create and manage the facility’s budget, do public relations and marketing appearances to sell the services of your facility, and come up with the center’s long-term plans. This can mean working on finding more residents, hiring more Nurses or staff, or planning new construction projects.

You make sure everyone on staff has the training they need, and arrange for their continuing education when necessary. You also stay aware of changes in regulations and make sure your facility is always up to code. You need a nice mix of focus and compassion for this job. You have to keep the facility running, but at the same time, you always keep the feelings and thoughts of your patients in mind.