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Reservations Manager



Manage your reservation workers to keep hotel guests booked and happy.

What does a Reservations Manager do?

If you’re a people person who loves working with clients, and if you’ve always had an interest in the hospitality industry, a career as a Reservations Manager may be right for you. In this role as a Reservations Manager, your primary responsibility is to oversee the reservations staff to ensure that guests’ needs are being met. You also manage room blocks for large events, monitor billing arrangements, and handle room inventories.

If you’re the type who likes to stay ahead of the pack, then you’ll enjoy keeping up with competitor hotel rates and brainstorming ways that your company can bring in the most clientele. Excellent communication skills are an absolute must as a Reservations Manager since you’ll be the point person for the reservations staff, other management, and at times, the guests themselves.

There are also some light event planning duties in this position, so if you’ve always dreamed of having a hand in throwing a swank party or elegant wedding, you may just get the chance, depending on the type of company you work for. Remaining calm under pressure is definitely a crucial requirement because when it comes to handling guest accommodations and events, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. The ability to troubleshoot, come up with creative solutions to problems, and ensure customer satisfaction are some of the main keys to success as a Reservations Manager.

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