Reservation Agent

Schedule travel plans, dinner reservations, and more!

What does a Reservation Agent do?

Booking a flight to a business meeting, renting a hotel room for a relaxing weekend vacation, or scheduling a little down time at a local spa-you’re the person who makes it all happen. As a Reservation Agent, you greet customers and answer their questions either in person or over the phone. You schedule reservations, collect personal information, and help each customer fill out their paperwork.

Your customer service skills are your prized possession. A charming smile, outgoing personality, and desire to help others make this the perfect field for you. The organizations you can work for are numerous. From hotels and airlines to casinos and car rental companies, anyone who rents to the public needs a Reservation Agent to handle the constant flow of clients.

On the job, the Reservation Agent attends to the front desk, promptly answering phone calls and greeting customers when they come in the door. Some have questions about your services and pricing while others already know what they want. You take their information and schedule their reservation in the computer. After processing their payment, you give them a receipt and a ticket or a key that allows them to access your facilities.

Aside from scheduling reservations, the Reservation Agent promotes your employer’s other services, and see to it that each customer receives the best deal possible. A hotel may partner with a car rental company to offer package deals that save money and time. Just think of yourself as a budget-conscious, timesaving planner. Your customers will thank you.