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Research Analyst

Collect, evaluate, and report on data.

What does a Research Analyst do?

A Research Analyst reviews information and data and then reports on those findings. Your main duty is to create a report on the initial research findings in a particular field of study.

If a company is looking to invest in a certain product, for example, then it is your job as a Research Analyst to analyze the market and figure out how that product has performed since its inception, how much money it’s made, if there is a strong future market for it, and so on. Research Analysts have to find out every possible aspect of a product (or investment, or market) in order to make a strong presentation to management of your findings.

Research Analysts do a lot of work in the scientific field as well, not just business. Because of this, having technological skills, as well as critical thinking skills, are both important to the job. Scientific analysis will involve a lot of comparisons between studies, and perhaps analysis of a group of studies done.

And not only will you have to analyze the research directly in front of you, but you will also have to do some of your own research and digging around to make sure that the findings your team comes up with are not abnormal. You use software to summarize the results you come to, and then you will write a report on your findings. Therefore, it’s important that you are good with both numbers and words since both are important to your work.