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Reproduction Technician

Duplicate printed materials according to customer specifications.

What does a Reproduction Technician do?

Duplicates printed material on sensitized paper, cloth, or film according to customer specifications, using photographic equipment and handtools: Reads work order and confers with supervisor to determine processes, techniques, equipment, and materials required. Places original on sensitized material in vacuum frame. Mounts camera on tripod or stand and loads prescribed type and size film in camera. Sets camera controls to regulate exposure time according to line density of original and type of sensitized material. Activates camera to expose sensitized material, imprinting original on material. Develops exposed material [DEVELOPER 976.681-010]. Examines developed reprint for defects, such as broken lines, spots, and blurs, and touches up defects, using chemicals, inks, brushes, and pens. May enlarge reprints [PROJECTION PRINTER 976.381-018]. May reprint original in sections and piece sections together.